Djordje Prudnikoff
Yugoslavian Painter and Designer


When Djordje Prudnikoff made a request that a page about his artwork would be created and published in THE SECRETS OF PERFECTION, I was kindly wonder struck, because a few years ago noticed this artist on the Web and supposed that probably he is one of par excellence world's artists living now. The journal has grown if such notabilities knock at our email box.

Son of a Serbian woman and a Russian man Djordje Prudnikoff (b. 1939) studied art at Belgrade academies of Fine Arts and of Applied Arts, lucubrated industrial design in Vienna. Very soon the artist distinguished himself as a gifted designer and even he was awarded many prizes: Djordje won the ''Oscar''in 1969 in Germany, the 1st prize at an international contest, was granted a reward with 3 months scholarship from Milan in 1968. Later his projects represented Italian furniture design in exhibitions in many European metropolises. In 1975 Djordje Prudnikoff started to paint.

As we see Djordje Prudnikoff is born under a lucky star. However, who can imagine that such gifted man is so alone, castaway and insulted about what the facts speak: his art works were exhibited under an assumed name in Italy, because in the mean time some thief lived in Milan with a fake passport on Djordje Prudnikoff's name; steady snub of his painting by Yugoslavian art critics; falling a prey to clash of opinions of politicians -- the judicial bodies of Belgrade even turned out him of his parents' flat; last five years he can not work in area of art. What is affliction when the artist says: "I am looking for a country which would accept me since my own doesn't need me!"

Short analysis of the pictures As we saw from earlier research some painters who bring experience to painting from other art realms have especial fascination that comes down in another understanding of structure, rhythm and brushwork than traditional. As examples are our earlier guests: Magda Francot from monumental painting studies, Ezmar Kiknavelidze an architect, Ivo Perelman a musician  (see Gallery).

Usage of rational creative methods, taking geometrical shapes for basis of composition, going from logical aftermath of thorough research in design is quite in character for Djordje Prudnikoff's painting. After short analysis I established that the skilled arrangement of parts of picture Djordje achieves using proportions of whole numbers. Earlier I concluded that Leonardo da Vinci's pictures also can be drawn into simplest grids of equal rectangles (see the article). Prudnikoff's portrait Tesla can be drawn into rectangles' grid with sides divided into 20 equal parts (Fig. A), Tito 2 into rectangles' grid with 14 divisions (Fig. B). He keeps also the antique principle of diagonals and perpendiculars (Fig. A and Fig. B).This means that Djordje creates different proportional system for every his art work and embodies it to perfection. 
portraits of Serbian People

Fig. A Portrait Tesla with rectangles' grid whose sides divided into 20 equal parts.


portrait of Jugoslavian politician

Fig. B Portrait Tito 2 with rectangles' grid whose sides divided into 14 equal parts.



Research of directional stars of a few his pictures (Fig. C). If earlier I concluded that concrete directional star with small number of beams is characteristic for all creative work of concrete artist (see article), in case of Prudnikoff by contraries. Every his picture has the directional star which has no coincident beams with directional stars of other his pictures. This fact means that determinative is format of picture, and arranging of picture components' sizes isdominant -- other classemes are subordinated.

Fig. C. Directional stars of pictures: Fig.C1. Portrait Tito 2;Fig.C2. Motherhood; Fig.C3. Mouth of river 1.


The artist calls his idealistic method decoration of reality, creation of illusory world with untouchable or unreachable beauty which exists only with paintersThe author illuminates only certain objects: background becomes abstract, forms clear without impressionistic noise. He compares himself with a geography teacher who shows us with his stick some important places on the map. The lights occupy about 4% of all area of his pictures and of themselves they become an expensive object of the value. They give meaning of hope and magic importance. 

People of his pictures always nice and thoughtful. They joy of simple happiness of human being like motherhood, love -- the things that were the objects of inspiration of poets of all times. Beside formalistic attitude Djordje Prudnikoff decidedly is a gifted portraitist. In the question: How difficult is to paint a character? Prudnikoff answered: It is very difficult, but either you are born to do it or not... either you are interested in it or not. Yes, he is born to paint people. 

After short analysis we see that the artist's compositional principles are not trick. The simpler rule for creation of complicated forms the more perfect piece of art. Prudnikoff's ability to carry through the fundamental of design to the art of painting and to get effect that is congruous with ideal are most fascinating. Such artists never die.

Jurate Macnoriute


picture, young woman and a girl

Djordje Prudnikoff's picture 


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